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Scooby Strolls is a family owned company, established in 2013. We are based in Putney, South West London. Our walks take place in Wimbledon common and surrounding parks and nature reserves. 

We understand that exercising dogs is a necessity for maintaining optimal physical health and mental well-being. It is as important for them as it is for us. That’s why we are dedicated in providing our dogs with enough exercise to cater for their individual needs, as well as keeping them stimulated and socialised throughout their days with us.

We walk dogs together in a group, off lead so they can burn as much energy off as they need to, interact and play with each other and us.  This is done away from roads and in a park or common. 

Water is always made available during and after walks, we also provide doggy treats and toys too. 

Socialising dogs from a young age is important, however if a dog hasn’t had the chance to be properly socialised in it's life, then group walks can really help to increase their confidence and social skills. Group walks are also great for learning or sharpening re-call skills.